Gamma Air Medical is thinking globally, and our business’s extroversion is important.

Last month we had the opportunity to participate in two actions, one related to medical tourism, a topic discussed at the 1st Arab-Greek health conference, and a second one for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hellenic Aviation Society.

Gamma Air Medical provides worldwide medical transportation services to elderly, sick or injured patients (air ambulance repatriation, wing-to-wing medical transport and medical escort on commercial scheduled flights). Medical evacuation combines aspects of medicine and aviation and both fields are considered important to us as our main goal remains the safe transportation of patients.

It is important to us to expand our collaborations network and to strengthen the professional relationships we already have. Thus, we support conferences that analyze the medical tourism aspect as well as tourists’ medical transportation due to illness or injury, in a manner that is promised to be more efficient.

Aviation is also a piece of the medical tourism puzzle. Here comes our participation in the event of the Hellenic Aviation Association for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of its establishment. The CEO of Gamma Air Medical, Dr. Gregory Kyriakou from the position of Secretary-General in the Hellenic Aviation Society, works with enthusiasm to identify the issues in aviation that are responsible for making medical tourism in Greece complex.

Both medicine and aviation need a powerful voice to raise challenges and work with the governmental authorities to resolve every aspect of the matter.

That’s it for May, 2024. And the journey of extroversion continues.