Gamma Air Medical is specialized in patient’s medical transfer from the hospitalization or residence place to the desired destination anywhere in the world.

Bedside to Bedside transfer is our standard procedure service including all ground transport needed.

Air Ambulance Flights Service

Taking into consideration the diagnosis and the patient’s medical history provided by the attending or treating physician, along with the distance of the trip, we suggest the most appropriate mean of transport.

We also decide the specific additional medical equipment required and the medical escort specialty who will accompany the patient. Gamma Air Medical is not an aircraft owner. We are a Medical Staff and Medical Equipment company.

We operate our Medical cases on leased aircrafts, giving us the advantage of excluding any broker involvement, thus minimizing the total cost of an Air Ambulance flight.

We have access and availability to different aircraft types (both fix and rotary wing) allowing us to choose the most suitable for each case, regarding the mission’s requirements, such as speed, distance, runway length etc.

Gamma Air Medical managing director is an experienced pilot himself trained in Aviation and Space Medicine, while medical and dispatching staff are following continuous training program both in aviation medicine end flight planning being capable to take any operational decision necessary to ensure the safety of the flight and patient’s uncomplicated and uneventful arrival to destination.

Air Ambulance Flights Service

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