Gamma Air Medical recently obtained a brand new portable incubator especially designed to safely convey paediatric patients between facilities (ground transfer) or for air transportation (both rotary and fixed wing aircrafts).

One of  our company goals is to always keep up to date. We monitor the needs of our potential clients and try to meet them. Transporting patients is a very important task for us. The patient’s safety always comes first, and when we transport a paediatric patient the challenge is greater.

In order to make a neonatal transport as safe as possible a new advanced incubator is what can guarantee the best outcome.

Our new incubator is consisted of lightweight carbon fibre outer shell, with shock absorbent foam inner layer and translucent lid for viewing the baby. The incubator contains air mattress, especially designed for transportation, protecting the baby from three sides. Special harness for both baby and incubator are available for extra security. The incubator has unlimited autonomy making it ideal for long distance transfer.