Health expenses control & containment

Gamma Air Medical, being a company established by doctors, with multiple medical cases over the years, has accumulated substantial experience in health expenses cost control and containment. We can provide unique services to our clients, by focusing on pro-acting in maintaining lower costs for the health services provided.

Our main goal is to lower the cost by checking and controlling the hospital’s and clinics’ prices. That practically means the best possible quality of health services in reasonable costs. We perform thorough cost investigation to the invoices sent by our clients, in order to determine whether the invoices coincide with the treatment given and even if the invoices are actually originals or not. We also double-check and cross-check every file to get the best possible cost break down in order to be more precise and thorough.

We can monitor the treatment starting with an estimation of the medical expenses per case based on the diagnosis and treatment. We are able to provide a cost estimation service for any specific diagnosis, according to our experience with the hospitals we are familiar in our region. This service can also be useful as referral for clients/patients. At the end of the treatment we automatically screen the medical expenses for unnecessary tests, overcharging and any billing errors.

The highly trained medical personnel of Gamma Air Medical can also provide medical consulting for major insurance companies and travel assistance companies from around the globe. When a foreigner has a medical condition or a medical emergency our company can provide immediately all the necessary assistance. We can organize his transfer for medical treatment, all the arrangements for his hospitalization, if required, and of course we always monitor the patients with frequent updates. We can monitor patients who are hospitalized in public hospitals as well. When there is difficulty getting substantial information for the insured customers that travel to Greece, due to the long distance and the language difference, we can obtain medical info and give medical reports for each case.