First Aid Courses

Gamma Air Medical has gained valuable experience during the for years involvement in the Aviation Medical field. We consider ourselves experienced enough to provide First Aid Medical Courses to all Flying Crew of airlines (passengers’ cabin & cockpit), so they can provide substantial help in case of an emergency during a flight. For the past years, we have been organizing First Aid Courses for flying personnel, as part of their initial or recurrent training program, with great success. The Courses are aiming to teach safety and basic medical procedures to cabin crew and cockpit crew of commercial and business aircraft companies. The Courses are consisted of theoretical and also practical instruction. The use of audiovisual means during the courses is considered our specialty, blended with practice on training manikins. We also organize First Aid Courses for large companies (hotel chains; athletic clubs; etc) that need their staff updated and ready to deal with cases of emergency in their every day work routine.